ENGLISH – Huisartspraktijk Brouwersgracht – Amsterdam
Brouwersgracht 56/HS 1013 GX Amsterdam Tel:020-6247751
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Welcome to the Medical Practice on the Brouwersgracht. Doctor Anneke Groot, doctor Maud Broeders and their team of assistants do their best to take care of your various health problems. Coming from abroad, it is not always easy to find your way in the Dutch health care system. Your general practitioner can be your guide. You may have heard  about us through your neighbors, or perhaps you were charmed by our waiting room, which offers the most beautiful view in Amsterdam.

You can submit a registration request to us via the button “inschrijfformulier”, but there is also a form available at the reception. We will assess your request within a few working days and notify you by mail or phone whether we accept it. We strictly follow a regional policy to ensure compliance with the legal obligation of timely response during emergencies. For instance, if you reside on the other side of the IJ or beyond Damrak-Rozengracht-Nassaukade-Spaarndammerbuurt, we may have to decline your request and kindly ask you to search for alternatives at www.kiesuwhuisarts.nl. If your medical records are not known to any Dutch GP, we kindly request you to inform us a little bit more on the “inschrijfformulier” about your medical history (e.g. medication, allergies).

Once we have accepted your registration (which can take a few working days), we will sent you a link which will allow you to create an account with us if you wish. This account will enable you to schedule web appointments, engage in email consultations, request repeat prescriptions, and view portions of your medical file.

Feel welcome once we have accepted your registration to make an appointment, just to say hello to your new doctor or to inform her about your unfortunately more complicated medical history. Take your ID and insurance papers with you, when you come to the practice the first time.

Please meet our doctors assistants! They are not only receptionists, and most helpful to answer a lot of your questions, but also trained in various medical skills. They remove stitches, take blood pressures, rinse ears, do smear tests, give injections, check your urine for a suspected cystitis and can provide you with self-tests to check for std’s. etcetera.  They are also bound to the medical confidentiality. Feel welcome to call them to book a consultation ahead with your doctor or to ask her if the doctor can call you back later. If needed, home visits will be made.

Out of hours in emergency situations you can call 088-0030600.
In life threatening situations the number in the Netherlands to call for an ambulance is 112.

If you have a Dutch insurance, your GP is free of charge. However, referrals, blood tests, swabs or X-rays, are not free of charge. Ask your insurance. If you have an insurance from abroad a 20 minute consultation will cost you €71,83.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Generally, we value personal (telephone) contact.